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EAC Headquarters, P.O. Box 1096, Arusha, Tanzania
+254 715 019460

Hon. Maina Karobia

Member of parliament East African Legislative Assembly, the law making arm of the East African Community.

Hon. Maina Karobia serves in the agricultural committee, tourism and natural resources whilst chairing the departmental committee on natural resources.

Additionally, Hon. Karobia serves in the general purpose committee dealing with finance, budget, education, health, youth, and women affairs.

Further, he is the chairperson in the Forum for Progressive Future, a Kenya based NGO that deals with championing good governance and public policy, climate change policy, youth interest, access to quality education, and promoting peace and cohesion.

Hon.Maina Karobia identifies as an Afro-futurist politician with strong conviction on market based economy, inclusive financial development and open governance.

He holds a bachelor degree in Education, and a diploma in International Relations. He is currently a candidate of Master in International Relations at the University of Nairobi.

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